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Saamy 2 aka Saamy Square trailer review: Fans upset with Hari, call it upgraded version of S3Twitter

The trailer of Saamy 2 aka Saamy Square starring Vikram, Keerthy Suresh, Prabhu Ganesan and Bobby Simha has received negative reviews from the viewers. They called it an upgraded version of director Hari's S3.

Saamy Square is the sequel to the 2003 hit film Saamy. The much-awaited trailer, which was released on the official YouTube channel of Sony India Music on Sunday throws a hint at the storyline. Director Hari has written the script as well.

Set 29 years later, Saamy Square is going to be a face-off between Aarusaamy's son Ramasaamy and Perumal Pichai's son Ravana on the latter's 29th death anniversary. The trailer gives a glimpse at the electrifying performance of Chiyaan Vikram and his stunning action scenes. If we go by the trailer, it seems to be a power-packed action thriller.

Saamy Square trailer also reveals the looks of Keerthy Suresh, Prabhu, Bobby Simha, Soori and other artistes. The movie is going to have rich production values. However, many film goers disappointed with the dialogues and background score. Some of them took to Twitter to share disappointment over the video. Here are some of their comments posted on Twitter.

Ram...‏ @ram_vfc

To be honest..!! It is seriously seems like a upgraded version S3 movie..! Expected more.. This editor is strange, still old fashioned kind of mixing. Only two things to watch out for: #Vikram sir & #KeerthySuresh #SaamySquare #Saamy2

Tamizhan Cinema‏ @TamizhanCinema

#SaamySquare Disappointed ! Bad editing, Dialogues, BGM. But the thing is we don't know whether others liked ir not.. #Saamy2 #SaamySquareTrailer

GanapathySubramanian‏ @lgs_suresh

Didn't expect such a cliche from Vikram. But what more can we expect from Hari. Hope at least in the movie it looks good. It looks like Singam 4 is on cards in name of Saamy2. #SaamySquare

Nishthar Meeran‏ @nishthar_meeran

#SaamySquareTrailer #SaamySquare That dialogue delivery we had in #saamy "Naan police illa Poriky" and "Aaruchamy" These dialogues had a massive goosebumps in first part which is completely missing in #SaamySquare

Rajesh Rebo‏ @Rajesh_raww

Completely outdated material wacky editing followed by monotonous scenes and fight sequences ..Dialouges are completely baloney .....#SaamySquare #SaamySquareTrailer #Saamy2 @KeerthyOfficial #Vikram

Aadithya‏ @fluid_sarcasm

#Vikram must return to independent cinema which is his zone. He seems to have lost the knack of picking commercial films. #SaamySquare

Madrasaalu‏ @Kaalaan89

#SaamySquare. Naan Saami Ila Bootham , Thaai vayathula porakala pei vaithula . One of the worst trailer and underwhelming sound. Wish Vikram avoids these movies . Big fan of Saamy , but sad to see this .

Trollywood‏ @TrollywoodOffl

#Saamy was the bestu cop movie of Hari. Looks like #SaamySquare might become the worstu cop movie of Hari. Hope it doesn't happen.. Atleast for the sake of #Chiyaan.

Nishthar Meeran‏ @nishthar_meeran

But i still remember vikram sir's "Aaruchamy" The way he pronounces it in #Saamy gives goosebumps. Missing that in #SaamySquare

Vikram and Keerthy Suresh in Saamy 2 aka Saamy Square
Saamy 2 aka Saamy Square trailer review: Fans upset with Hari, call it upgraded version of S3

STRANG3R*‏ @HungryHearttt49

Trailer Very Disappointing Yet Movie Will Be Good/Watchable Like All Hari Movies But BGM & Dialogues Koduma " Na Saamy illa Bootham , "Pei Vaithula Poranthan " Unwanted Didn't Liked It a Bit Only +ve #ChiyaanVikram ! #SaamySquare #SaamySquareTrailer

Manivannan Vijay‏ @manivannanvjfan

Only hope #ChiyaanVikram acting in #SaamySquare #Vikram acting I didn't expect from Hari worst dialogues...#Saamy1 Vera level movie... After seen the trailer expection was failed ...

JosephThalapathy Rahmaniac‏ @vijay_rahmaniac

Expected more in #SaamySquareTrailer bt it seems like S3 and disappointed Movie Can be watchable only for #Chiyaan #Vikram #SaamySquare

Kanna‏ @drkannaa

#SaamySquareTrailer Looks like a typical Hari masala movie. This is going to be another headache inducing disappointment. #SaamySquare

Rajarajan VS‏ @rajaiif

#SaamySquare: One of the worst ever punch dialogues in Tamil cinema - "Naa Thaai vaiyithila porakala, pei vaiyithila poranden".

Gautham88‏ @gautham008

#SaamySquare This is not saamy square pls change the title to singam quadruple

Kapil‏ @iam_kapil45

#Saamy2 #SaamySquare #SaamySquareTrailer #ChiyaanVikram Asusual Rocking Worst Trailer Cut whose that Fucking Editor & Music Average Worst dialogue

Here is the trailer of Saamy 2 aka Saamy Square, if you have not watched it yet. Do share your views on video in the comment box.