Sujeeth and Prabhas on Saaho set
Sujeeth and Prabhas on Saaho set

Sujeeth and Prabhas are under tremendous pressure due to the comparison of Saaho with SS Rajamouli's Baahubali. But the director says that comparison before its release is premature and unreasonable.

Saaho happens to be the next release of Prabhas after blockbuster movie Baahubali 2. The massive success of the latter has generated a large amount of hype and curiosity about the former. The makers of Saaho have released some of its promos including a teaser, which have struck a chord with the viewers and doubled the expectations from the movie.

Though both the film belong to a different genre, each aspect related to Saaho is compared with Baahubali. Everyone expects Prabhas' next film to beat the records of his last release. While a few doubt Sujeeth's capabilities, many believe that it would be a bigger success than Baahubali. This debate has got some positive vibe for the film, but it has also created an unwanted pressure on the actor and director.

Sujeeth opened up on the comparison between Saaho and Baahubali and the pressure. In an interview to Rediff, he told, "Rajamouli Sir is a legend. People think I cannot be equipped to direct Prabhas sir after Baahubali. I don't want to say anything. I want the film to be released. Let the audience decide if I've done my job properly. But I must say this film could be made only because of Prabhas sir's faith in me."

Prabhas' Saaho movie new posters
Prabhas' Saaho movie new postersInstagram

The director says this comparison is unreasonable. Sujeeth added, "It is an action-romance. As far as being another Baahubali is concerned, I think that's very unfair pressure on both Prabhas sir and me. Baahubali happens once in a lifetime. No director plans a success like Baahubali. To compare Saaho with Baahubali even before release is premature and unreasonable."

Saaho is an action extravaganza that is made on a grand scale of Rs 300 crore, which makes it the biggest budget action film in India. Hollywood action choreographers are working on this project and the teaser and making videos have offered a glimpse at their stunning work. International stunt masters' presence in it is another reason for huge hype for the film.

Talking about them, Sujeeth said, "Saaho is not the first Indian film to get international action directors. But what we've done it to let them direct the action scenes as they are director themselves. What often happens in action scenes in our cinema is that we edit them ourselves, we insert dramatic shots into the action and tamper with their rhythm."