The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) reportedly detained seven Islamic State, or ISIS, militants in Yekaterinburg. They were planning terror attacks in Moscow, St Petersburg and the Urals Federal District, the FSB said on Monday.

The detained were natives of Russia and Central Asian states, headed by an Islamic State fighter "who arrived from Turkey's territory," TASS Russian News Agency quoted the FSB as saying.

"On 7 February, 2016, the Russian FSB detained seven members of a criminal group from Russia and countries from Central Asian countries, who were members of the Daesh international terrorist group that is prohibited in Russia, and had prepared for huge terrorist acts using homemade explosive devices in the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, and in the Sverdlovsk region," Sputnik International cited FSB press release as saying.

They had also reportedly planned to leave the country to join the Islamic extremist group in Syria. "It was established that after the terror acts, those detained plan to leave for Syria to take part in military action in the ranks of Islamic State," Reuters quoted the FSB as saying.

During the search operation, the officials also found a laboratory reportedly being used for manufacturing explosive devices.

The FSB reportedly booked the ISIS suspects on charges of terrorism and illegal possession of weapons and explosives.