Running Man
Collage of shots from 'Running Man' episode Running Man

Episode 549 of 'Running Man' aired on September 9 and Lee Kwang-soo is still everyone's favourite target of jokes. This time, he got a special mention in a poem dedicated to the SBS variety show, by iKON member B.I.

As noted by website Soompi, iKON's B.I was part of the guests who appeared on the September 9 episode of 'Running man.' Lee Elijah, Lee Si-ah, Lee Joo-yeon, Kim Ji-min, Sunmi, BIGBANG's Seungri and iKON's Bobby were the other guests.

Each guest was asked to write down a special skill that they possessed. B.I, whose real name is Kim Han-bin, said that writing poetry is his special skill; because he writes a lot of lyrics. He then revealed that he had composed a poem for 'Running Man' and read it out loud. The poem, though about 'Running Man' in general, has a peculiar but fitting reference to Lee Kwang-soo:

"Title: 'Running Man'

A microcosm of our society, 'Running Man'
My mother told me that screen time determines your wage
You are the only one in charge of your screen time
When everyone else is saying yes,
You have to say no to appear on TV
When you get slapped on your left cheek,
You have to offer your right cheek for one of the slaps to appear on TV
In order to survive in this animal kingdom full of predators
I must become a fox
Lee Kwang-soo, he is my only target."

Kwang-soo looked quite impressed and happy with B.I's poem until his name was mentioned as a target. He suddenly became dumbfounded. Everyone else started laughing and clapping as soon as those lines were uttered. Kwang-soo eventually clapped too. In the previous episode, Kwang-soo was also made the butt of jokes when he was forced to reveal some hilarious dating fails in his life.

B.I said apologetically that his poem appeared rushed because he finished it in a hurry the night before. Yoo Jae-suk came forward and told B.I that all of them liked the poem because they could relate to the lines.

B.I is right saying, "Lee Kwang-soo, he is my only target" because he is actually often the target of jokes, attacks during games and the like in 'Running Man.' Kwang-soo acts like a clueless fool and that is part of his appeal. It is interesting to note that while the poem was being read, numerous clips of Kwang-soo getting hit and slapped in the past episodes of 'Running Man' were played for laughs.

Lee Kwang-soo's dumbfounded expressions, awkwardness and hilarious actions have arguably made him the most popular and beloved member of the show. He is called 'Asia's Prince' by his fans, which shows how famous he is beyond Korea.

B.I may not specifically have been referring to how he himself looks at Kwang-soo in 'Running Man,' rather how all the cast members look at Kwang-soo in the show. The poem seems reads like a theme song of the variety show itself. This is why Yoo jae-suk said all of them could relate to the lines.

'Running Man' airs every Sunday at 4.30 p.m. KST on SBS. Watch the clip below.