Park Bo-young and Lee Kwang-soo
Actors Park Bo-young and Lee,

South Korean actress Park Bo-young made a surprise revelation about 'Running Man' member and actor Lee Kwang-soo recently. Bo-young said that she likes to share a meal with him when she's short of time.

As noted by website Soompi, Park Bo-young appeared as a guest on the August 31 episode of Comedy TV's 'Tasty Guys.' Comedians Moon Se-yoon, Kim Joon-hyun, Yoo Min-sang, and Kim Min-kyung visited a French restaurant for the second part of their international food tour.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, the group was surprised to find an extra empty seat. After many wrong guesses, Park Bo-young appeared to the surprise of the four. "I really like this show. I watch it a lot when I eat. I frequently eat at home by myself and watching it makes my food taste better," she said.

Here, Park Bo-young revealed that she likes to share meals with 'Running Man' actor Lee Kwang-soo. "He's my meal buddy. When I have to leave in a hurry, I'll call him so we can eat together," she said. Fans of the variety show have already seen how voracious an eater Kwang-soo is on the SBS show. 

Park Bo-young and Lee Kwang-soo also acted together in the 2015 South Korean black comedy 'Collective Invention,' where the latter played a character who was half man and half fish. 

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The 'Strong Woman Do Bong-soon' actor also revealed that she likes to watch the show when she's eating all by herself and when she's on a diet. While Park Bo-young is busy filming for the show, she tries not to be tempted by the recipes shown but makes a note in her mind and eats the item the following day.

She mentioned a Kimchi restaurant in South Korea that she visited after it was featured on the show. It had a poster of 'Tasty Guys' on their wall. Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made of spicy, fermented vegetables that include mostly cabbages and radishes. 

Bo-young said that her favourite food is stew. Yoo Min-sang said she thought the actress couldn't eat much because of her small frame. To this, Bo-young replied, "I don't eat a lot in one sitting. I eat one thing at a time, throughout the day."

As for drinking, Bo-young said, "I didn't really like the taste of alcohol in the past but I'm starting to enjoy it now. Before I wanted to go home after half a beer but now I drink somaek [mixed drink of soju and beer]."

After eating, she thanked the others and said, "I had a great time. It's been a while since I enjoyed meal time this much."

Park Bo-young had recently revealed how she secretly goes to movie theatres in South Korea to find out audience reactions to her movies.

Park Bo-young's latest romantic comedy 'On Your Wedding Day' with Kim Young-kwang, was released on August 22. It topped the box office on its opening weekend. Meanwhile, the next episode of 'Running Man' will be aired on September 2 with K-pop artists like Seungri and Sunmi.