Park Bo Young
Actress Park

Finding out about the audience reactions to a movie isn't that difficult in the age of Twitter. Comments ranging from -- positive, mixed to extremely hateful -- can be found in abundance regarding a creative work; especially cinema. However, it seems the best way to find out honest audience reactions is to sneak into the movie theatre. South Korean actress Park Bo-young did that in her own movie.

As noted by website Soompi, actress Park Bo-young spoke about her upcoming movie 'On Your Wedding Day' during a live broadcast on August 14. She revealed about her habit of watching people react to her movies inside cinema halls. "I'm only told good things by people who know me, and I'm curious about what the real reviews are like," the actress said.

In the broadcast, she revealed that as soon as her movie hits theatres, she gets a ticket and sits at the back row to observe people's reactions to her work on the big screen. Of course, not every reaction will be a positive one and the actress has been a hurt a few times due to her curiosity in understanding the sentiments of the cine-goers.

"When the movie's over, the audience stands up and shares their thoughts on it, and amazingly, I can hear everything. I went into the washroom and I heard people from the audience talking about their honest thoughts on it as they washed their hands. Sometimes I get hurt from it, but when I hear compliments I feel really great," Park Bo-young said.

Park Bo-young is quite well known among fans in South Korea, which may lead to her being identified by the cinema audiences. There's a solution to that in the form of disguise. "I wear a hat and a mask so they don't know I'm Park Bo-young, and I go to different theatres," she said. She added, "However, I think I won't be able to go to a theater nearby now that I've said that. Maybe I need to go somewhere outside of Seoul."  

Park Bo-young's upcoming romantic feature 'On Your Wedding Day' will be released on August 22. It also stars Kim Young-kwang with whom she previously acted in the 2014 film 'Hot Young Bloods.'