Kim Ah-joong

South Korean actress, singer and model Kim Ah-joong is alive and well, rubbishing all the rumours that were spread on social media about her death. The fans of the '200 Pounds Beauty' star heaved a sigh of relief after her label denied the rumours calling it a 'flustering story.'

As noted by website Allkpop, a rumour spread across the internet on August 14 that an actress who starred in the romantic comedy film '200 Pounds Beauty,' was found dead in her house. Netizens figured out that actress was most likely to be Kim Ah-joong.

"It's a flustering story. Kim Ah-joong is currently at her schedules right now. We don't know who could have spread such a rumour," the label revealed.

Ah-joong, who is filming 'Bad Guys: The Movie,' at present, was recently involved in a car accident. The Gangnam Police Station revealed on July 27 that Ah-joong hit a motorcycle with her car on June 22.

The actress reportedly violated the traffic signal and hit the motorcycle at the crosswalk. The driver was soon rushed to a hospital. The actress accepted her mistake and said that she had missed the traffic light.

Regarding the accident, the Gangnam Police said, "It was not drunk driving," adding, "Kim admitted she has violated the traffic light signal. We have decided to summon Kim for further investigation."

Kim Ah-joong is best remembered for her role in the film '200 Pounds Beauty.' In the popular drama, she starred as Hanna Kang, an overweight girl working as a part-time phone sex worker and ghost singer for a famous pop singer. She decides to undergo plastic surgery to lose weight and eventually finds success as a pop singer. 

As for 'Bad Guys: The Movie,' it is a remake of a successful OCN television series about detectives who investigate violent crimes. In the original series, the chief detective releases three convicts to help him hunt down criminals and tackle the rise of violent crimes in a South Korean district. Kim Ah-joong's character in the 2018 movie version is a fresh character that did not appear in the original TV series.