Flying saucer

Razan Sabie, an aerodynamicist who operates from Romania, has developed a disc-shaped flying saucer that shares eerie similarities with the alien spaceships we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi films. Even though this flying ship is a pilotless craft, Sabie reveals that this vessel is capable of impressive remote-controlled feats of manoeuvrability.

Sabie has named this flying vessel, 'All-Directional Flying Object' (ADIFO), and he claimed that the development of the flying saucer was completed after 20 years of rigorous work with his partner Iosif Taposu, a former senior scientist at Romania's National Institute for Aerospace Research.

In a recent interaction with, Sabie revealed that his design is not inspired by alleged extraterrestrial crafts. The Romanian researcher made it clear that the disc-like ship is inspired by the cross-section of a dolphin's airfoil.

"The aerodynamics behind this aircraft is the result of more than two decades of work and is very well reasoned in hundreds of pages and confirmed by computer simulations and wind tunnel tests," Sabie told Vice. 

Even though the early prototype developed by Razan Sabie looks fairly convincing, the report published in the Vice reveals that several other attempts to build disc-shaped flying saucers have failed in the past. In the 1950s, the United States Air Force (USAF), with the help of British aircraft designer John Jack Frost, tried to develop a saucer-shaped flying disc but miserably failed after repeated attempts of test flights.

However, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that the United States Air Force has already mastered the art of developing disc-shaped flying objects that are capable of flying at supersonic speeds. As per these conspiracy theorists, disc-shaped UFOs that appear in the skies quite often are not alien vessels but secretive military ships deployed by the United States to spy on other countries.

These conspiracy theorists also allege that the USAF has built these flying crafts using reverse-engineering technology, which they mastered from aliens who crashlanded in Rosewell. They believe that the major site of these secretive experiments is Area 51, the confidential military site located in the Nevada desert.