crime scene
A teenager's ear was bitten off during a scuffle in Delhi.Wikimedia Commons

A minor road accident in northwest Delhi recently escalated to a fist fight, with one person even biting off the ear of a motorcyclist. 

According to the police, the incident happened in Shakurpur locality on the evening of August 12.

The victim Ajay Thakur (19), who is an undergraduate student, underwent plastic surgery for restoration of the ear. 

Thakur says he was on his motorcycle when his bike brushed against a scooter. The two men on the scooter then started abusing him and only stopped when a passerby intervened.

In the evening at around 7.30pm when he was returning home on the same route, the same two men spotted him and stopped him.

"They said I had damaged their scooter and started abusing me. When I said that there was no sign of any damage on their scooter, they started beating me. One of them repeatedly punched me in the face and head with the scooter key," said Thakur.

Thakur said when he tried to fight back, one of them held him by his arms, while the other held his face and bit off a part of his right ear.

"I just stood there bleeding and too shocked to do anything, while the man spat the piece of the ear on the road and both rode away. I was not in a state to note down the registration number but I can recognise their faces," Thakur said.

"It took a while for me and a friend whom I had called after the incident to find the piece of the ear on the road and we immediately went to a hospital," he added.

Cases under Sections 324 and 341 of the IPC have been registered, but police have not been able to identify the accused as the CCTV near the crime scene was not able to capture the scooter's registration number.

If arrested, the attackers face up to three years in jail.