RJ Balaji
RJ Balaji.PR Handout

Actor RJ Balaji has welcomed the decision to end the Kollywood strike and raised a serious question to those who targeted the Indian Premier League (IPL) while demanding the formation of the Cauvery Management Board.

"‪Happy that the film industry is back with lot of good changes after the strike. Thousands of daily wage workers can now pay the school fees of their kids on time. Kudos to those who worked relentlessly for finding a solution [sic]," he wrote on Facebook.

He added, "At the same time, its the responsibility of those who raised their voice for the boycott of cricket matches, to act/react for people's justified anger of 'will you now say lets boycott cinema until CMD is formed.!?!' Yes agreed, two wrongs will not make a right. But atleast accept the mistake and apologise to people for getting it completely wrong. ‬[sic]"

Tamil groups and political parties too had protested against the IPL matches in Chennai. In fact, the Nadigar Sangam and RJ Balaji had encouraged peaceful protests and the actor had refused to do commentary as a mark of protest against the center's delay in forming the Cauvery Management Board.

The remaining matches of the Chennai Super Kings were later shifted to Pune.

However, RJ Balaji's post has met with mixed response. While some have agreed with his views, others have said that the films cannot be targeted as its reach is confined to Tamil Nadu, whereas the IPL will be watched across the globe which helps the center to take notice and respond to the demand.