Chennai Super Kings
A few protesters reportedly attacked Chennai Super Kings' fans and tore their match tickets.ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images

The Indian Premier League organizers were recently forced to cancel all matches scheduled to be played at Chennai's MA Chidambaram Stadium after a massive protest by Tamil groups over the Cauvery issue.

The remaining six matches will now be played in Pune, and this has come as a big disappointment to the fans of Chennai Super Kings.

"The matches had to be shifted out of Chennai as police had said that they were unable to provide security in the prevailing situation. CSK is not averse to shifting base to Pune," IPL Chairman Rajv Shukla told PTI.

The decision has now angered the fans, who are upset with fringe groups turning a rightful demand for the formation of the Cauvery Management Board into a violent protest.

Celebrities, who often refuse to talk about the political issues in Tamil Nadu, have come out against the protestors.

Actor Siddharth tweeted, "It we focus on #CMB, with the Supreme Court saying the same thing, the onus is on PM #Modi to respond. Let the center see #TN as one group asking for the same thing. #Tamils telling Tamils they are not Tamils is a shame! Same shame as #Indians calling Indians anti-Indian. Same! [sic]"

"IPL shifted. Vaazhthukkal. Can we please close tasmac? Next can we shut all TV channels owned by politicians? Can we please ban party flags at protest venues? There are many embarrassing things and people in our TN! Fight together. #SaveFarmers #CauveryIssue," he added.

RJ Balaji, who backed out of commentary from the IPL over the Cauvery issue, has come down heavily on the violent protestors. He tweeted, "Now IPL is shifted,ppl who wanted national attentn,got tat right?Ipo Cauvery Management Board vandhurum la.Only thing thy managed to do is to divert attention frm cauvery to cricket to http://violence.No sensible Tamizhan wil supprt thse unruly manipulative selfish methods. [sic]"

Actress Gayathi Raghuram too echoed her support by tweeting, "As responsible citizens are we helping to sort out the issues or creating issues? Just because some jokers comment bad on my posts it doesn't mean I won't I will. Jokers r jokers they hide behind their masks. Real Tamilian won't fall prey to politicians and act like political goons. Instead think sensibly. Real Tamilian think from ur heart and brain. Not behave like group of goats. [sic]"

Actor Arvind Swami went a step ahead and shared a poem, the picture of which can be seen below: