The coronavirus that originated from a seafood market in Wuhan is continuing its killing spree in all nooks of the world, and due to the Covid-19 outbreak, India is also in a state of lockdown unto April 14. In order to prevent a possible community spread, the government has ordered everyone to maintain social distancing. However, while trying to propagate the idea of social distancing, South Indian actor Riyaz Khan was beaten up by a group of people who behaved irresponsibly during the lockdown period.

Riyaz Khan shares lockdown experience

In a recent video posted on Facebook, Riyaz Khan recollected the incident where he was beaten up by people when he tried to make them understand the vitality of social distancing.

Riyaz Khan
Riyaz KhanFacebook

"The incident happened day after tomorrow. At around 05.00 AM, I was having tea in my balcony. While having my tea, I noticed some people gathered together, breaking all laws of social distancing. Seeing this, I went down and asked people why they are not following government instructions. They also made it clear that they are not standing in my house, but on the road. I tried to create awareness among these people regarding the coronavirus outbreak, but they did not listen, and one person tried to hit on my head. Luckily, I was hit on the shoulder. I don't know why people are following lockdown instructions," said Riyaz Khan on the video.

The actor revealed that the police soon rushed to the spot and arrested the people who created all this chaos. He also thanked inspector Jyothi for taking strict measures against people who tried to break the law amid coronavirus scare.

Riyaz Khan's advise to people

Riyaz Khan claimed that people are not understanding the seriousness of Covid-19 even after the 17th day of lockdown.

"I feel sad. The people whom police arrested have also families, and they will be tensed after this incident. Without people's help, it is difficult to stop the coronavirus from its killing spree. But these people are not understanding anything," added Riyaz Khan.