As the entire world is shut down due to coronavirus outbreak, a section of conspiracy theorists believe that governments may make use of this chance to gain more control of society. These conspiracy theorists believe that governments will soon roll back freedom people have gained over the years in the name of Covid-19 containment.

Governments will not give up these powers?

Almost all countries in the world have ordered strict travel restrictions, and countries like India are completely shut down due to coronavirus outbreak. Albert Fox Cahn, the executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project believes that governments all across the world will be hesitant to give up the new powers which they enjoy now.

coronavirus in karnataka

"We have absolutely no reason to believe that the government agencies that are eager to expand their power in response to Covid-19 will be willing to see those authorities lapse once the virus is eradicated," said Cahn, Daily Star reports.

Conspiracy theorists also believe that corporate companies will also make use of this chaos, and they will try to create dominance in the market, which will finally result in the washout of small retail shops and businesses.

Coronavirus to trigger mental issues

In a recent article written on The Conversation, Alan Collins, a Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Nottingham Trent University, and Adam Cox, Principal Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth had revealed that coronavirus lockdown could result in mental health issues, especially among young people. As per these researchers, prolonged lockdown and anxiety about the future will be two crucial factors that will trigger mental health issues among people.

"A number of studies have shown that substantial job displacement in other contexts significantly increased mortality rates over time, possibly through stress and income shocks. Young people are already struggling with depression. There is now a new dread to add to the list of existing crises. That's another zoonotic virus pandemic. The economy will have to develop resilience to that, and it will come with a considerable price tag," wrote the researchers.