Rita Ora

Rita Ora with her new song Girls has made some shocking revelations. The song has become a serious talking point about how Rita Ora has depicted bisexuals. Upon hearing the song, Rita Ora's ex-boyfriend James Arthur has made more shocking revelations about the singer.

Many people have criticised the singer that she has misrepresented the LGBTQ+ community and that the song tries to exploit the community.

The song starts with the lyrics with the name of a girl called, "Lara" with whom Rita learned "how to do it"

She further reveals that Rita is not one-sided and about that she is never going to "hide it" and we should always know about it. The singer has revealed that the song was inspired by her own bisexual experience. "Girls was written to represent my truth and are an accurate account of the very real and honest experience in my life," Ora said in a tweet

"I have had romantic relationships with women and men throughout my life and this is my personal journey," she added.

The Fifty Shades of Grey star has been honest about the muse for the song. A source has confirmed that the song was about Cara Delavingne, and that, "She has been honest with pals about what went on with her and Cara and she was happy to discuss the model being the main influence behind the track."

Rita Ora's ex-boyfriend has also confirmed that she is bisexual and that this was something that did not surprise her. "So Rita saying I kissed a girl doesn't make me step back in amazement. It doesn't shock," said James Arthur.

James was dating Rita after winning the X-factor in 2012. "I respect people shedding light and standing up for the LGBT community — that's a great thing," he further added.

Recently, Rita Ora received the blunt of Victoria Beckham, who got furious because her son Brooklyn Beckham was having a fling with the singer.