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Rishi Kapoor is opinionated and straight when it comes to national topics. And one of the most talked about people in India right now is Priya Prakash Varrier, the 18-year-old girl who created a frenzy on the internet with her famous 'wink'.

Rishi Kapoor wrote on Twitter: "I predict huge Stardom for this girl. Priya Warrier. So expressive,coy coquettish yet innocent. My dear Priya, you going to give all others in your age group a run for their money. God Bless and the best to you! Mere time mein naheen ayeen aap! Kyon? Lol"

We can't stop smiling. That's such a cute message Mr. Kapoor.

Priya replied to this by saying: "It's an absolute honor to be praised by the "Prince of Romance "
The sort of mettle and mantle your aura infers in every artists existence will always be beyond common contention"

Another case that has made national headlines is the Nirav Modi-Punjab National Bank fraud case. To which Rishi Kapoor wrote: "What I cannot understand is that a bank loans ₹11,300 Crores ($1.8 billion)since 2011 to someone,and no inquiries took place during that period? Only proves "All that sparkle are not Diamonds" Lot of skeletons in the cupboard and lots of hands in lots of gloves!"

Thoughtful. In the latest development, the IT department has also slapped the new anti-black money act against Nirav Modi for allegedly holding illegal assets abroad.

Rishi Kapoor is an Internet sensation himself. Whatever he tweets becomes viral — sometimes funny, sometimes offensive — he has his own way to entertain his fans.

Talking to a leading daily, Rishi Kapoor made it clear and said: "I will do and say and write whatever my heart tells me to do. I have the freedom of expression. This is a democracy, and I can say what I want to and what I feel. As long as I am not offending someone personally, or I am not agitating against anything that's a delicate matter, I don't think that anyone should have a problem with what I say. Everything is okay but the moment you abuse me, or you offend me, I would do nothing but simply block you."

He also said: "Who cares! Do you think I give a damn to these trolls or what they say? These so-called trolls feel very important if you [any celebrity] react or respond to their tweet. So, I don't let them have that moment of joy. I don't want this kind of bad influence on my Twitter timeline. I believe that one bad fish spoils the other lot as well, and since I don't want this to go on, it's easier for me to block that person, and then they don't get to talk to me."

On the professional front, Rishi Kapoor will be seen in 102 Not Out, also starring Amitabh Bachchan. The two superstars are coming together after 27 years. They were last seen together in 1981's blockbuster film Naseeb.

The film is about a father and son relationship. Interestingly, Rishi Kapoor plays the son and Amitabh will play his father who will be the first dad to drop his child at an old-age home. 102 Not Out has been written by Saumya Joshi and directed by Umesh Shukla.

Priya Prakash Varrier will be making her debut with the Malayalam film Oru Adaar Love directed by Omar Lulu.