Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh

Rishi Kapoor is that gem from the coveted Kapoor family that Bollywood would forever remain indebted to. Kapoor's contribution to the Hindi cinema will always be written in golden words. Be it his incredible acting, immaculate charm, uninhibited personality or unfiltered attitude; there is no denying the fact that Rishi Kapoor has always been a force to be reckoned with.

At a time when the industry used to keep mum on scandals, revelations and controversies; Rishi Kapoor had spoken at length about why he would never cheat on his wife and why did he make this decision. In an interview with Stardust back in the days, Kapoor had spoken about his father Raj Kapoor's affair and his grown-up days seeing that.

"People often ask me what institute have I been to. And I always tell them that I've graduated from the University of the Kapoors. I've learnt everything in this school. It is here that I learnt to overcome failure, hurt, pain. My experiences have taught me a lot," Rishi had said. 

Why only this, I have even lived with the trauma of seeing my father have affairs outside. It traumatised me a great deal. Throughout that period, I have seen my mother suffer. I've even seen that part of life. And if today, I've emerged a stronger person emotionally, it's only because of the patience that my family imbibed in me," he added.

Further talking about how his childhood shaped him as an adult, Rishi had said, "I'm a matured person because I have grown up evaluating the things that took place when I was a child. Maybe that is why I keep away from relationships outside marriage. I don't want my children to go through what I went through."

"I'm sincere to my work and to my family because I've experienced a lot from the lifestyles of my grandfather, my father, my uncles, my brothers. I've deliberately stayed away from things that could possibly affect my family life. The only thing that I haven't been able to stay away from is alcohol. I don't know how that has happened. Maybe because my father too was a big drinker, I guess," he said. 

Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with cancer last year and the actor had been staying in New York these last few months for his treatment. Bollywood fraternity has been paying him and Neetu visit every now and then. After a long treatment, Rishi and Neetu have come back to the country where they received a warm welcome by industry people and his family.