British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker is popularly known as new-age Nostradamus, as he used to predict world events in December every year. Last year, Hamilton-Parker apparently predicted a virus outbreak, which made many people believe that the psychic had foreseen the coronavirus pandemic. And now, Hamilton-Parker has predicted possible world events that could happen in 2021.

Joe Biden's presidency in trouble

Hamilton-Parker believes that Joe Biden's presidency will get shortened due to an unexpected illness or accident. The psychic also claimed that Biden's illness could pave the way to the reign of the first female president in the United States. If the psychic's prediction turns true, then Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect, will be sworn in to the powerful post in the country.  

Joe Biden
Joe Biden (Left) Kamala Harris (Right)Wikimedia Commons

The British mystic believes that a powerful earthquake could hit the Himalayan region, Iraq, and the United States. He also hinted at the possibility of a plane hijack in 2021.

Hamilton-Parker revealed that the coronavirus pandemic could continue worrying the blue planet in 2021 as well. However, he made it clear that air travel will return to normalcy by summer 2021.

More virus outbreaks await earth?

Hamilton-Parker also added that two fresh virus outbreaks could hit earth in 2021. According to the psychic, China will once again become the epicenter of these upcoming virus outbreaks. 

The psychic revealed that 2021 will not be a great year for North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. Hamilton-Parker claimed that Kim will find himself at the receiving end in a coup by his own people as mass starvation descends the rogue nation. 

"It's possible to see the future. It's also possible to change the future. So whatever I say is kind of like a view of what's on the horizon but we can all have an influence on changing that," said Hamilton-Parker, Daily Star reports

A few months back, Abhigya, a young Indian astrologer had also predicted that a new virus could start creating chaos on planet earth by December 2020. And now, several people believe that the young Indian astrologer was actually referring to the mutated strain of coronavirus detected in the United Kingdom.