Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche
Rihanna wants Chris Brown to come back to her but Karrueche Tran calls Brown to say 'I Love You'Twitter/ Screenshot

Rihanna created quite a splash with her yellow cape dress on the red carpet at the Met Ball. Now she is making headlines once again. The "Unfaithful" singer wants Chris Brown back in her life, because he is the only one who had ever managed to make her feel special.

Rumours about Drake and Riri have been doing the rounds since Coachella this year where, sources said, both looked quite "couply". But an insider at Hollywood life reveal that she is still obsessed with her ex and "feels a powerful connection" towards Brown.

"The only person she's ever had an automatic connection with was Chris. That's why she was and continues to be attached to him," reported the insider. "Chris was and remains to be the only man who could read her mind. She loved that about him."

But that doesn't mean that the girl can't have fun with another man. A source revealed that in a recent recording session, Drake and Rihanna were seen getting quite steamy inside the recording room.

After sitting on Drake's lap for some time, sparks suddenly started flying all over the place, as the couple started kissing each other and seemed to have no intention of stopping at all. "The love these two have for one another is contagious," said the source.  

Meanwhile, the "Loyal" singer also seems to be a happy man, as he got his birthday wish granted. Shortly after a crazy fan broke into Brown's California home, Karrueche Tran called her ex to comfort him, and before hanging up, said those three magical words that made Brown's visit to the wishing well a successful one.

"She told him to chill out and that whatever's supposed to happen will happen," the source told Hollywood Life and added, "She told him, 'I love you' when the conversation was ending, and he said it back to her, too."