Rihanna pregnant with Prince Harry's baby
Rihanna and Prince HarryReuters

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship has constantly been the subject of media scrutiny. After trouble in Harry and Markle's paradise report, the latest rumour suggests that singer Rihanna is pregnant and the father could be Harry.

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According to MediaTakeOut, Rihanna is pregnant just one month after seen flirting with Harry in the Caribbean island. The tabloid claims that the singer, who is known for partying hard, has been in Barbados and she is not drinking, or smoking, not even weed.

"When the Prince [Harry] was here, he flirted with Robyn [Rihanna] and they ran off together without security. My guess is that he is the father [if Rihanna is in fact pregnant]," the tabloid quoted an insider as saying.

Rihanna's pregnant rumour has gone viral in the small Caribbean Island and Harry is most likely the father of the baby, the tabloid claims.

However, Gossip Cop has debunked the claim and said that Rihanna is not pregnant. Gossip Cop also said that there was no romance between Harry and Rihanna when they met in the Caribbean Island last month.

Even fans of Rihanna have ruled out the possibility of the singer pregnant with Harry's baby. Several fans commented on the website saying that the news is not true.

"Rihanna still hasn't had Leonardo DiCaprio baby yet, how can she be pregnant again already?," one user commented.

"Mto please enough is enough with this pregnant stories, why can't y"all be the last media for once to report about someone being pregnant ?" another said.

"so women are able to get PREGNANT AAAAAAAND start to show in less than 3 weeks after having alleged s3x? how fuucking STUPID if mto or how fuucking stupid DOES mto think the viewers are?!?!?! conception takes a week at times or more AND women dont even show until MONTHS.. this is so sad and stupid... mto is trash," one user asked.