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Richa Chadha is receiving a lot of love and adulation for her role and performance in Heeramandi. Despite her role being restricted to just two episodes in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi, the actress seems to have left the biggest mark. Amid all this, in a latest interview, Richa has said how she asked the makers to reduce her role to just a guest appearance in Kangana Ranaut starrer Panga.

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Richa said that her role had a lot of meat and she knew she would make a mark. But, things went south for her. She revealed that she herself asked to be opted out of many scenes. "I kind of opted out of a lot of scenes in that one, I'll tell you, especially towards the end. I was excited about it because I thought the film would be about female athletes, and how the choices are even tougher for them," she told Galatta Plus.

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How things changed

"Somewhere along the line, it went south, for me. So, I was like, 'Give me a guest appearance'. I would say that the role had more meat, definitely. It's not about the supporting part, the small part, the special appearance. None of that really matters to me, because I feel like I hold my own no matter where I am," she further added.

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Ashwini on avoiding clash with Kangana

Ashwini Iyer, who directed the film, had once revealed in an interview that despite changes, she and Kangana didn't let the trust lose in between them. She had mentioned that whenever they had a misunderstanding, they made sure to clarify it. Ashwini had said that she called Kangana to introduce herself and narrate the script but Kangana said that she already knew her and came onboard right after listening to the film.