Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar (second right) during the launch of his mobile game in Bengaluru on Thursday (December 7).Aprameya .C

Former captain and batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has picked his "100 important innigs" of his life that shaped his career. And the knocks are not restricted to only international cricket.

Tendulkar, who set several records during his illustrious 24-year international cricket, on Thursday (December 7), launched his mobile game "Sachin Saga Cricket Champions" in Bengaluru and after unveiling it he spoke about his best 100 innings.

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The Master Blaster, who holds the world record for scoring most centuries in international cricket - 100, has picked his best knocks and can be seen only on his mobile game.

"That is not the case. We are talking about 100 important innings of my life which shaped my career. We are not looking at only hundreds," Tendulkar said when asked whether the 100 innings were only about his 100 tons.

The 44-year-old explained that apart from hundreds there were matches where even a half century as "priceless".

He said, "There could be important 60 runs scored in a match. Those 60 runs are priceless. Eventually I had to assess which match was important. It was like, my first Ranji Trophy game was most important game at that stage. Because there were still question marks over my selection for Mumbai, whether a 15-year-old would go out and be able to play or not. If he doesn't perform that should not destroy his confidence. It should not shatter him. Those kind of things were going on. Then I go out and socred a hundred.

"It sorted out for me and for the rest of the guys. The remaining part of the season also I had lot of runs. Basically we have taken those kind of matches. It is not that everytime you go out you have to score a hundred. It could be important 65 runs. We have chosen those kind of games. And again you have to score same number of runs as I did in that particular game. It is a challenge."

It would have been a difficult task for Tendulkar to pick 100 knocks from his career. He played in a world record 200 Tests, 463 ODIs and one T20I. Overall, he featured in 310 first-class, 551 List A (50-over) and 96 T20s.

Tendulkar's mobile game is available to download for free on Google Play. One can enjoy match situations of Tendulkar and bat like him in this mobile game.