Jesus Christ
ET Data Base/YouTube

Self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring recently shared a weird story that has now emerged as the hottest debating point among apocalypse believers. In his recent website post, Waring shared a picture apparently taken from Argentina, and in the image, a seemingly humanoid image can be seen present in the skies.

At first glance, the shape of the bizarre figure seems very similar to Jesus Christ with arms outstretched. The figure has well-defined edges, and its face was also pretty clear in the image.

"This is a strange one. This is a photo someone took in the sky over Argentina this week and it seems to show Jesus in a rob with a crown of thorns. I do believe in signs and believe this has some real purpose for being there," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring later shared a video that featured the image on his official YouTube page where it went viral. After analyzing the image, many people claimed that Jesus Christ has once again appeared on the earth, and it could be the sign of an impending apocalypse. Extreme Christian believers argued that the second coming of Jesus is the fulfilment of Biblical prophecies, and humans have to expect something worst in the coming years.

However, some conspiracy theorists put forward a different theory to explain this weird sighting. As per these conspiracy theorists, world powers like the United States with the help of Elites are now testing project blue beam. Conspiracy theorists believe that project blue beam is a confidential mission planned by elites to create a new world order, and the first step to achieve this will be carried out by simulating second coming of the Christ using advanced techniques.

"Not a huge theorist myself, though, I do like to contemplate and imagine, but after seeing this, the first thing that comes to mind is Blue Beam. Is this not the exact scenario that has been discussed for years now? Serious discussion is appreciated. Thank you for uploading and sharing; I would not have known of this otherwise," commented the Realaestuo, a YouTube user.

However, experts have dismissed both the claims, and they believe that this is either a computer generated image or a classic case of pareidolia. As per experts, pareidolia is a unique capability of the human brain to form familiar images on unrecognizable patterns.

A few weeks back, Ronald Weinland, who has previously served as a minister for Ohio based church-the Church of God had predicted that Jesus will make his second coming to the earth on June 09, 2019. The Christian preacher also claimed that world war 3 will also happen this year.