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Paul Begley, a popular Christian evangelist, has claimed that the invasive swarm of locusts in Saudi Arabia is fulfilling Biblical prophecies. As per Begley, swarms of locusts that were seen descending Saudi Arabia and Jordan this week are tied to doomsday prophecies predicted in the Bible. The firebrand Christian preacher also made it clear that humans are already living in the end times and that an apocalypse is imminent.

On May 3, Locust Watch, the official locust swarm tracker of the United Nations (UN), had warned that springtime locust breeding has intensified over the past few weeks. Later, on May 6, the situation became intensified and it compelled Jordanian authorities to deploy the Air Force to spray pesticides.

"Are you serious? Locusts? Biblical plagues have returned. What? Well, just like something out of the Bible folks, swarms, and I mean swans of millions of locusts have darkened the skies in Saudi Arabia, creating a scene out of the Bible. It's a plague of biblical proportions. It's cataclysmic even," said Paul Begley, Express.co.uk reports.

As per Begley, in the Bible's Book of Exodus, a plague triggered by devastating locusts will rain down as a punishment for enslaving Jewish people.

Even though Begley is quite sure about the imminent apocalypse, experts believe that this is a purely natural phenomenon. United Nations states that locusts are the oldest migratory pest in the world and can cover vast distances in swarms. Fully matured adult locusts eat their own weight in crops, and if uncontrolled, it will cause severe consequences on the world's full security.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that apocalypse in the world will be triggered by the arrival of Nibiru, a rogue space body that is allegedly lurking at the edge of the solar system. These conspiracy theorists believe that earth will soon face a pole shift and an increase in seismic activities as Nibiru makes it close approach.