Tesla unveils $35,000-Model 3 with range of 215 miles
Tesla unveils $35,000-Model 3 with range of 215 milesteslamotors.com/model3

California based luxury electric car maker Tesla's new car, the Model 3, registered over 3.25 lakh bookings in a week after its public unveiling March 31, according to the company website. The most affordable electric car in Tesla's range targeting diverse market, the Model 3 made headlines on the unveiling day itself, by racking up 1.15 lakh bookings.

Over 3.25 lakh bookings translate to sales worth $14 billion in the future. Delivery of Model 3 is slated to begin only by the end of 2017, and unlike the previous models, Model 3 will available in many global markets, including India, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Ireland.

The Model 3 is a five-seater car inspired by the design of its bigger sibling, Tesla Model S. The four-door vehicle has standard Autopilot hardware (autonomous driving functionality) and supercharging capability. The Model 3 will have storage areas in the front and back. This is primarily because the batteries are placed under the floor to help lower the vehicle's centre of gravity. Tesla engineers have also compressed the instrument panel in order to free up more space inside the cabin.

The Model 3 will run from standstill to 100kmph in less than six seconds. It comes with a range of 346km in one full charge. The car's price starts at $35,000 — approximately Rs. 23 lakh in India.