Bengaluru is termed as the Silicon Valley of India and a lot of budding startups bring innovative ideas and raise millions in VC funding. One of many startups making an actual difference for end consumers is WiFi Dabba, which is high-speed internet to the masses at unbelievable prices.

A lot of places, such as malls, restaurants, cafes, etc, in Bengaluru offer free public Wi-Fi, but either the speeds are terrible or the internet is intermittent. Only in rare cases, public Wi-Fi is actually good and free. Wifi Dabba saw this pain-point and decided to bring high-speed Wi-Fi connections across the city at negligible prices.

Rs 2 tokens

Who wouldn't mind paying Rs 2 for a whole day worth internet at excellent speeds? Wifi Dabba's business model allows users to enjoy high-speed internet by paying for the service in small tokens. Users can simply pay Rs 2 to get a Wi-Fi token that will keep you connected 24 hours as long as you are in the Wifi Dabba's network range.

For that Rs 2, Wi-Fi Dabba gives 100MB data, which can be renewed after exhausted. Wifi Dabba is a convenient option sitting between wired broadband and cellular internet and has Wi-Fi hotspots all over the city. It's easier to convince users to shell out Rs 2 as compared to the full month worth broadband rental or prepaid recharge. Users can pay as they use, which might seem more convenient for many.

Wifi Dabba
Wifi DabbaWifiDabba

Wifi Dabba also allows users to enjoy free access to the internet from its network by solving puzzles or watching ads. Users can enjoy 1Gbps speeds, but the network is capable of delivering 100Gbps speeds.

Technology behind WiFi Dabba

Wifi Dabbas are basically hotspot hardware provided to shopkeepers to broadcast Wi-Fi signals to customers. Users connect to an open network, register the phone number and then enter the 8-digit code on the token to go online.

As users move around the city, different hotspot "dabbas" ensure the device is online. According to the startup, Wifi Dabba uses lazers instead of underground fiber to power the virtual cybercafé network.

Wifi Dabba
Wifi Dabba supernodesWifiDabba

"We are deploying a grid of Supernodes across the city to ensure 100% coverage everywhere. We have partnered with high-rise buildings and tower companies to ensure that every person in Bangalore is within 1km of a Supernode," the startup notes.

From chaiwallahs to bakeries and now providing WiFi to over 10,000 co-living office spaces in Bengaluru, WiFi Dabba has come a long way since its inception in 2017.