rebel wilson
Rebel Wilson speaks to the media on June 15, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Rebel Wilson, famous for her role as Fat Amy in the rom-com hits that were the Pitch Perfect musicals, has just opened up about her harrowing experience with people from the industry sexually harassing her.

The 37-year-old Australian actress is known for her unabashed sense of humour, which almost every on-screen avatar of her shares, which is probably why fans worldwide were shocked to learn of her experience.

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In a long, detailed, multi-post statement on her Twitter account, Rebel went on to share her encounter with the people from Hollywood – whose names she refused to disclose. Her story involved two accounts of her allaegedly getting sexually harassed within the industry.

Currently busy filming overseas, Rebel stated in her tweets that it is "hard to hear all these stories relating to sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood", before proceeding to recount what she underwent in her earlier days in the industry.

The first incident, she said, wasabout an unnamed "male star" who urged her to perform a sexual act despite she refusing repeatedly, while his other male friends were busy trying to film the entire incident on their phones.

Rebel stated how she declined and walked out and went on to call her agent to file an official complaint with the studio as a precautionary measure to protect her from something similar happening in future.

The second incident she detailed actually dated back to quite early in her career, and involved a "top director" who invited her to a hotel room to talk about an upcoming project – similar to the complaints of over 50 women who have accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing them.

While nothing extreme happened, thanks to a phone call from the director's wife, it did not stop Rebel from calling out the disgusting behaviour of those in power within the industry and consider herself one of the lucky ones to have managed to escape in time.

While her words were strong and full of conviction, Twitter has also shown pretty heavy reactions to her coming forward with those claims.

And as expected, some people labelled her tweets attention-seeking and even resorted to fat-shaming her.

However, there are many who have labelled these comments and the speculations as shallow, and shown support towards the actress for taking the bold step.

Rebel refused to add anything further to the comments when her representatives were contacted.