Salman Khan and Govinda were the best of friends. The partners in crime became thick friends after their film Partner released in 2007. The film became a massive box office success but eventually, Salman and Govinda's friendship turned sour. What was the reason behind one-time besties suddenly turning foes?

The reason behind Salman and Govinda's fallout was Govinda's daughter Tina Ahuja. It was said that Salman had promised to launch Tina in Salman's Dabangg but instead of casting Tina, Salman went onto cast Shatrughan Sinha's daughter Sonakshi Sinha. This irked Govinda to the extent that he went onto give shocking statements in the media that made things quite obvious that all is not well between the 'partners'.

Salman Khan and Govinda
Salman Khan and Govinda

Here's what Govinda had said, "When I quit politics, he had supported me and for that, I thank him. But in any case, one should not expect so much from another person that it burdens them professionally."

In another interview, Govinda took a dig at Salman Khan and said, "There was no chance of me staying in Salman's camp. I was praised in such a manner that Salman was told you shouldn't come in front of Govinda..."

I don't have any expectations from Salman

"One actor will love another actor only to the extent to which his own business remains unaffected... Today however I don't have any expectations from Salman."

"Because he has been told so much about me that there will not be a chance of us acting again together."

I have never been a part of any Bollywood camps but regret it now

"There are massive camps in Bollywood. I never belonged to any camps but I think it was a wrong move. I should have had. It affects your career. It's one big family," Govinda had told PTI.

"In that one family, if you create harmony and build good relations, it works. If you are a part of it, if you are blessed, you will do very well."

Mr. Bachchan's struggle has inspired me

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh BachchanTwitter

"I have struggled a lot, let me tell you, it is not so easy. When I was struggling, people didn't make my way easy. I heard and saw what had happened to Bachchan sir, but didn't know it will happen with me. He could do it, come out of it, that was inspiring."