Maine Pyaar Kiya was an iconic film of young love. For its time, it redefined Bollywood love stories. What if it was set in today's world? Tough question, right?

Bollywood has been coming up with new ways to give audiences content. What it's really doing is making the audience anticipate when the lockdown will be lifted more than they did before they saw the videos and clips. Salman Khan's latest Instagram video is going to leave you missing Bollywood, we apologise in advance. 

Salman Khan (Then and Now)

Salman Khan gives us a major spoiler for Maine Pyaar Kiya if it was released today

Maine Pyaar Kiya was a movie that taught a generation about love. To have it back on screens would be great. Prem and Suman gave us a few lessons on love, but what if they really did enter this era, in 2020. What would the story look like?

Salman Khan seems to be looking for that answer too. Bollywood is utilising the Coronavirus lockdown as a time to let creative juices flow. Actors aren't giving up acting just because they're indoors. Salman Khan is taking his horse for a spin and is also feeling nostalgic.

The actor better known as 'Prem', put up an Instagram post and it's a trailer for Maine Pyaar Kiya (2020). Fans and audiences have been gushing over the video. Salman Khan took an iconic scene from the movie where Prem kisses the glass screen that has Suman's lipstick stain. The scene was an emotional metaphor for their love.

Salman Khan cuts to 'Now' when he parodies his own character. As he approaches the glass screen, with a similar expression and the same background score, instead of going in for the kiss, we see the entry of the antagonist in this revised love story, sanitizer. 

You decide which one is more heartbreaking, but the video is a poignant glimpse into these trying times. Salman Khan signed off with wishing us a Happy Easter and stay strong. We only wish he had shot a whole film rather than a clip.