Some actors leave such an impression on our minds and heart with their character in a film that we, the audience, just can't ever expect or imagine anyone else doing the film. The same happened with Salman Khan's Judwaa starring Karisma Kapoor and Rambha too. While the Salman starrer didn't have a single critic putting down the film, when Varun Dhawan tried the same with Judwaa 2, the film was criticised left, right and centre.

Salman Khan's Judwaa might have left us with immeasurable memories but, very few know that Salman Khan was not the first choice for the film. Govinda had revealed in an interview that Salman Khan had asked him to withdraw himself from the film and let him be the actor in it. He had also revealed that despite the shooting having begun, he opted out as Salman Khan was family to him.

Salman Khan and Govinda in Partner
Salman Khan and Govinda in PartnerYouTube Screenshot

"I was at the top of my game at the time when a film called Banarasi Babu was being filmed. I was also working on Judwaa at that time.

While the shooting for Judwaa was on, Salman Khan called me one night at around 2-3 am and asked me, 'Chichi Bhaiyya, how many hits will you give?' I asked him, 'Why, what happened?' He said, 'The film which you are shooting right now – Judwaa – please withdraw yourself from the project and please give the movie to me. You also have to give me the director of the film.

The producer of the film will also have to be the same, Sajid Nadiadwala.' So the film which had already gone on the floors was shelved right there and Salman took over the project," a Pinkvilla report quoted Govinda saying.

Why Govinda agreed

"I was not a part of Judwaa, but I had started the project. The Khans have always been a family to me. Sohail Khan and me, we came upon this decision together. The love and feeling of togetherness that we shared was not affected due to films. Our work never got into the way of our personal relationships.

Both Salman and Sohail have always spoken to me with the utmost respect and the reason for the same was never films. This is a protocol followed by everyone in the industry including our seniors. If a star has a hero within him, it reflects on the outside and Salman is one of those stars. God bless him," Govinda further added.