Every time a new iPhone launches, besides all the praise and criticism, there is a flurry of memes to ridicule the premium price tags. But that doesn't stop people from queuing outside Apple Stores to pick up the latest models. While there are millions of iPhone buyers, some tend to stand out like the first iPhone 6 buyer who'd dropped his brand-new phone during an interview. Now, there's another one to the list.

A man in Russia walked into an Apple Store with a bathtub full of coins just to buy the latest iPhone XS. The incident came to light after a video showing the entire incident went viral on social media. The video was posted blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko on Instagram and it had crossed 34,000 views within a day.

The viral video shows a group of men filling a bathtub with coins and then carrying it to a shopping mall in Moscow. The buyer and his friends had difficulty getting the bathtub inside the mall as they were stopped, but somehow managed to get it all the way to the Apple Store. Towards the end of the video, the Russian man can be seen buying the iPhone XS.

Russian man buys iPhone XS in a strange manner
Russian man buys iPhone XS in a strange mannerFacebook / Ludmila Semushina

According to the blogger who posted the video, the bathtub weighed nearly 350 kilograms, which is natural considering it had approximately 100,000 Russian rubles, equivalent to $1,400 – the price of the iPhone XS 256GB. A photo of an Apple store employee counting the coins while the buyer is patiently waiting for him to finish was also shared on Facebook. We bet it wasn't the ideal day for the employee.

But why go through the trouble of carrying a really heavy bathtub filled with coins just to buy an iPhone. Well, there's a message Kovalenko said his video meant to convey. Russian stores usually lack change or small denomination bills, due to which sometimes customers are turned away.

We hope the message is received loud and clear. You can watch the embedded video below.