jcb machine
The two machines' respective drivers decided to use the street as a paper and the JCB's drilling equipment to precisely create the naughts and crosses.Twitter/JordanRutledge

For every Transformers series fan, the idea of their vehicle turning into an armed robot with some sort of superhero-like fighting skills is nothing short of a dream. And for two bored JCB drivers, this dream came true.

Trying to rid themselves of boredom, the two drivers decided to indulge in a casual game of naughts and crosses. The only difference was that instead of pen or pencil on paper, they chose to play the game on the street, with their JCBs' extensions.

The two giant vehicles had been assigned to re-lay a bus lane and decided to turn work into fun by playing on a British street, when passer-by Jordan Routledge spotted their clash and decided to share it on social media.

He tweeted the footage, captioning it: "I mean I've been bored at work but this can't be topped." And as expected, the video went viral with over four million people having watched the 13-second clip in just two days.

The whooping 135,000 shares only went on to prove Jordan right as viewers across the world can't hold back their praise for the articulate workmanship that both the drivers showed.

But there's still a burning question that is left in people's minds: Who won?

Amid the debate, the inherent naughts-and-crosses experts in the crowd came out. One user seemed to have it all figured out about the prospective outcome of the game, saying: "The one on the right [won]. Next move, bottom left corner. Person on left had to defend against 2 potential wins. Poor play from left tbh."

Another user also seemed to be in support of the previous one, as s/hecommented: "Game was over as soon as left gave up the center tile tbh."

But people didn't stop at just displaying their extensive acknowledge and expertise of the game; multiple ones among them also expressed some national pride, with respect to British workmanship.

At the same time, certain users were not very enthusiastic about the innovative way to play the game, as one of them shared: "Explains why construction projects take so long."