San Andreas fault
YouTube: San Andreas Trailer

Frank Hoogerbeets, a self-proclaimed earthquake researcher who runs the website 'Ditrianum' has shockingly predicted that a megaquake will hit California soon. Hoogerbeets believe that the four quakes hit in quick succession in the southwestern state could be indicating the arrival of a big tremor.

"California was hit by a moderate 4.1 quake resulting in numerous aftershocks. This activity followed on seismic unrest to the South in the Gulf of California and further offshore Mexico. The next big quake in California or on the West coast, in general, will probably hit sooner than later," said Hoogerbeets, reports.

It should be also noted that California is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, one of the most geologically active areas in the world. Hoogerbeets reveal that he is predicting earthquakes based on Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI), a system that analyses the geometric positions of the planets, the moon and the sun to predict potential earthquakes.

Interestingly, the predictions made by Hoogerbeets seem very similar to the events narrated in the Hollywood movie 'San Andreas' that featured Dwayne Johnson in the lead role. In the movie too, a comparatively minor earthquake is resulting in a series of major tremors along the San Andreas fault line.

A few days back, Frank Hoogerbeets had predicted that a megaquake will hit the earth over the upcoming Christmas period, between December 21 and 25. However, Hoogerbeets failed to predict the exact place where this strong earthquake is going to hit.

Hoogerbeets had also predicted that a major earthquake was about to hit the earth on last October 24, and shockingly, a strong earthquake jolted Taiwan before his predicted tremor time. Soon after the earthquake, Taiwan's weather bureau revealed that the quake measured 6.0 in the Richter scale.

Even though the predictions made by Hoogerbeets are going viral on the internet, experts argue that there is no way by which earthquakes can be predicted precisely.