Orlando UFO
YouTube: UFOmania

Popular conspiracy theory UFOmania has recently shared the image of an apparently triangular shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering in the skies of Orlando, Florida. The YouTube channel revealed that these images were originally shared on the conspiracy theory website exopolitics.org, and the images were taken by a man, confidentially known as JP.

As per the website report, the incident happened on February 18 at around 1.20 am. The image of the UFO spotted in the video has three well-defined edges, and lights were seen glowing in these areas.

The report also revealed that two men, most possibly men in black approached JP soon after the incident. Soon, these men pointed a gun on JP and threatened him to cover up the sighting. The next thing JP remembered was waking up from bed on next day morning. When JP checked the smartphone, the videos he took were deleted, but the images seem intact.

The video uploaded by UFOmania soon went viral, and viewers of UFOmania seem convinced about the secret USAF space program theory put forward by conspiracy theorists. Many viewers argued that Donald Trump's space force is already operational, and the force is now conducting regular patrolling in the skies.

Some other viewers argued that this spacecraft is actually TR-3B, the alleged anti-gravity space vessel developed by the United States Air Force during the time of the Gulf War. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the USAF has developed this secret space vessel using reverse technology they learned from advanced aliens from the deep space.

"MIB now connected to TR3B humans those two are human technology... Aka breakaway civilization or a secret space program" commented Elegantpaws01, a YouTube user. 

Even though conspiracy theorists are convinced about the authenticity of the clip, sceptics claim that these images are intentionally manipulated just for the sake of publicity and clickbait needs.