Rakshit Shetty seems to be optimistic in life. It becomes evident after he claimed that he learnt life lessons from his break-up with Rashmika Mandanna, who has now become one of the leading actresses of South Indian film industry.

Will Rashmika Mandanna return to Rakshit Shetty's life?
In an interview, Rakshit Shetty was asked whether there is a chance of Sanvi (Rashmika Mandanna) returning to his life. Reacting to the question, the actor-filmmaker said, "People come to one's life to teach you some lessons in life. I think I had a big lesson to learn and Rashmika came into my life. Probably, she also had to learn a big lesson from me. We learnt from each other and moved on. That is life,"

Will Rashmika Mandanna return to Rakshit Shetty's life?
Has Rakshit Shetty welcomed a new girl in life after breaking up with Rashmika Mandanna? Here is what he says.PR Handout

The Ulidavaru Kandante star said that it can happen in friendship or any kind of relationship. "Imagine we are friends. We worked together for 4-5 months. Definitely, I might have learnt something from you. Something really brought us together which is why we became friends. Once the learning process is over, there is no purpose to stay together. Sometimes, we take different paths," the 36-year old claims. 

When the interviewer asked him what the Avane Srimannarayana (ASN) star learnt from Rashmika Mandanna's entry to his life, his immediate response was, "It is very personal."

Can heartbreaks help a person to be creative?
Prior to this, Rakshit Shetty was asked whether heart breaks can come as a motivation to be creative for which the actor said, "Each and every human is complete on his own. Only when you are complete, your actual creativity comes out. If you are not complete, how will you be creative?"

Rakshit Shetty with Rashmika Mandanna
A photo of Rakshit Shetty with his ex-girlfriend Rashmika Mandanna when they were in a relationship.PR Handout

On asking whether Rakshit Shetty is seeing someone after parting ways with Rashmika Mandanna, the Kannada actor said, "No. Not like somebody goes and immediately someone enters your life,"

Rakshit Shetty, who introduced Rashmika Mandanna to films with Kirik Party, fell in love during the making of the Kannada blockbuster. They had their grand engagement and planned to tie the knot in two years, but they broke up as the relationship was affecting their careers.