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Telugu actress Rashmi Gautam has shared her views on weight gain and ageing on her Twitter account. She has also revealed that she has been diagnosed with Rheumatism.

A fan of Rashmi Gautam ‏tweeted a photo featuring her chubby look and asked her about her weight gain. Many southern actresses have managed to look slim even after 30. He requested her to be a fitness freak, as he doesn't want to see her weight gain ending her career.

The fan tweeted, "Dear @rashmigautam27, In a recent event you wore a saree and you look bit chubby. You're almost turning 30 so you must concern about your figure more as an actress. When we consider actresses like Kajal Aggarwal, Sonal Chauhan, Esha Gupta, and Samantha are so slim even after after turning 30. You need to be a fitness freak now. As a true fan of you, I don't want to see your career ends here. I hope you can understand my valid point. This might be hurtful for you. I apologies if it's too sharp."

Rashmi Gautam responded to the fan and tried to defend her weight gain in a series of tweets. He admitted that it does affect her offers, but she will not go under the knife or endorse fad diet. Meanwhile, she revealed that she was diagnosed with Rheumatism when she was 12. Here is her series of comments posted on her Twitter page.

Well I'm not almost turning 30 tat ship sailed quite some Time back And coming to the weight gain it happens sometimes and since we do tv it gets noticed very visibly unlike in films where u get your gaps and time to focus exclusively on yourself

Off course there are a certain changes which have been made a little tweaks here and there but it's work in progress And it will show slowly and naturally Which I'm confident about Over nite results don't last long

And also what's the big deal it's after all weight you lose some you gain some As actress yes there are certain expectations from us But I refuse to go under the knife or endorse fad diets Under any circumstance Each one has a body type there is no set mould to fit in

Absolutely no offence taken but as a fan you shud know tat I have an auto immune disorder which I did speak about but no one payed a heed I was diagnosed with RHEUMATISM when I was 12 and being a fitness freak is a choice not a compulsion and yes career has a shelf life

For some wired reason our society does not accept ageing which is a natural thing u don't have to and you cannot look like a teenager all your life and one shud not push there life style to an extend when u only live off soups and salads

And I personally would love to take it slow and understand my body and make changes slowly rather than taking extreme measures and fall face down on the long run and you guys also in no way shud promote it endorse unhealthy way of living

Things like these build unwanted pressure on a lot of us and I personally know many who have had to take extreme measures and are battling depression so pls be mindful And I wud rather exit gracefully than go thru unwanted pressure and not have a life