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Popular TV anchor Rashmi Gautam, who is known for her boldness, has given a befitting reply to a person, who tried to trick her to get her mobile number in the name of PR Management company.

It is known fact that some people in the film industry try to cheat and sexually aspiring actresses and artists and casting couch has put Tollywood to shame at the national level. Rashmi Gautam is known for voicing her opinion on everything. She was at it when a miscreant tricked her to get her phone number.

A person, who claims himself to be a celebrity manager, requested Rashmi Gautam for her phone number, saying that he has lost her father's contact number. The owner of PR_Management‏, "Hey Rashmi! This is regarding some ad shoot, I've lost your dad's number can you inbox me! Regards! "

In a sharp reply, Rashmi Gautam‏ tweeted, "My dad passed away when I was 12 So I don't think u ever has my dad's number in the very 1st place So kindly stop making fool out of people by calling yourself a PR MANAGEMENT I'm sure this is another new way of fooling naive girls And bringing shame to the industry"

When Rashmi Gautam‏ started blasting PR Management, he admitted his mistake and offered an apology to her. He tweeted, "Maybe! But it's completely mistake happened from our side. Apology! :) It's extremely our fault, apologies for that! That's purely our mistake. Last time you've given someone's contact."

Here are how Rashmi Gautam's followers responded to the miscreants' post:

Vasant Ram P‏ @VasantRamP

Really pity these kind of people who come up with some really ridiculous stuff to get attention,are we as a society have stooped to so low..Am hoping the answer is NO but unfortunately it's a big YES.

Karthik golagani‏ @karthikAKAjack

Rashmi has become a hard hitter in recent times..every ball is a sixer.

Raj‏ @RajuDhfp

My dear @CelebrityMngmntii i think you got 100MM deep reply from @rashmigautam27 ...  Get well soon


@rashmigautam27 this is a new strategy for marketing so plz dnt believe these type of cheap tricks

Revathi_chakravarthula‏ @revathich3

Super answer rashmi garu.. Some idiots  are still there in the society with cheap mentality..