Ranu Mondal's makeup artist busts fake picture
Ranu Mondal's makeup artist busts fake picture.Instagram

Ranu Mondal recently became a butt of jokes and a lot of online memes were created on her after her makeup picture for an event went viral. However, it appears that the picture that went viral was a fake one.

The singer, who had risen to fame with her viral railway station video, was vehemently trolled for her apparently over-the-top makeup. The memes had compared her to characters like "The Nun" and "The Joker". Taking note of the memes, the lady who did her makeup, now claimed that the picture that was shared was a morphed one.

Ranu's makeup artist Sandhya took to social media and busted the lie. She shared a collage of two pictures, one real and the other fake one, along with some words in the caption. In the caption, she stated that memes are at times funny to see, but such jokes should be made to an extent where those do not hurt anyone's sentiments.

Below is what she wrote:

As you can see, this is the difference between the work that we have done and the 'Fake' picture that has been edited to an extent. All the jokes and trolls are fine and they make us laugh too but to hurt someone sentiments, that's not a very good thing to do. We truly hope that you all will understand the truth and realise the difference between the fake one and the one that is genuine. That's all we ask for.

Ranu's controversies

After Ranu became an internet sensation and she recorded songs with Himesh Reshammiya, the elderly woman has been in news for some wrong reasons. A couple of videos had come up that made a lot of people feel that Ranu's became arrogant and fame went into her head.

First, a video had come up where she appeared to be ignoring reporters who were asking her regular questions. Soon another video had hit social media where she was seen behaving rudely with a female fan who wanted to click a selfie with her.