Ranu Mondal

Ever since Himesh Reshammiya introduced us to the viral sensation Ranu Mandal, not a single week passes by without the singer making news. Barely a few days after her arrogant behaviour with a fan, Ranu Mondal has again come to limelight for some not-so-good reasons.

Ranu's makeover

Ranu Mondal received a makeover from a parlour in Kanpur and ever since, her photo has gone viral with netizens trolling her left, right and centre. In the picture, Ranu is seen wearing heavy jewellery and a saree. However, fans are unable to digest the bright skin she has been given by the makeover artist.

From 'The Nun 2' to 'Joker 2.0', fans have brutally trolled the singer over her picture. 'Fake beauty', 'gora nikhaar' are some of the comments the picture has received on social media. However, few netizens have also urged everyone to appreciate Ranu's efforts and to look beyond this.

Ranu Mondal misbehaves with fan
Ranu Mondal misbehaves with fanTwitter/Video screengrab

Ranu's arrogant behaviour

Just last week a video came up on social media that showed a female fan walking to Ranu, gently tapping her on the shoulder to ask for a selfie. The singer instantly lost her cool and started tapping the lady's shoulder back, asking, 'What is this?' in Hindi. This rather arrogant behaviour by the newly-made celebrity did not go down well with netizens, who criticised Ranu for her apparent ego ride.

Salman gifting her house

After Ranu sang a song with Himesh, there were rumours of Salman having gifted her a house worth Rs 55 lakh and also a car. However, she denied the rumours in a video interview. "No! If it's about gifting a house, Salman Khan would've made an announcement about it. If not this, he would've said that he's gifting it to a friend or something related. But, till he doesn't officially announce anything, it would be wrong to assume things," Ranu told Navbharat Times.

"I didn't tell anyone to help me and I will not ask for any help from Salman Khan too. At first, when I heard these rumours, I thought it could be true or not. I also heard him gifting me a Red car, there were a lot of them. But, I would've trusted the news only if Salman had contacted me directly," she added.