Rani Mukerji, Aditya Chopra
Rani Mukerji, Aditya Chopra

Rani Mukerji has been one of the few actresses from the last decade who never shies away from calling a spade, a spade. Her uninhibited interviews, undiplomatic take on several issues have always been admired by the audience.

Protecting Adira

The 41-year-old actress, who tied the knot with Aditya Chopra in April 2014 has a four-year-old daughter, whom they have named Adira. Talking about how they shield Adira from the paparazzi, Rani told Neha Dhupia on her chat show, "I want Adira to grow up normally. Otherwise, you get unwanted and undeserved attention without having achieved anything in life. I want Adira to be treated like any other child in school. Aditya and I don't want her to be photographed constantly."

"I don't send her to Bandra. She doesn't cross Juhu. They are just roaming everywhere on bikes. Just don't live in Bandra and don't move out of Bandra anywhere, you'll be fine. I'm constantly telling Adira she is the bravest and the strongest, that there is nobody more powerful than her and that she has more muscles than papa. And I'm inculcating that in her brain from now only because I don't want anybody in this world to ever tell her that she is not powerful, that she is not strong enough," Rani added. 

Aditya Chopra is producer of Dhoom 3 and Shudd Desi Romance
Aditya Chopra is producer of Dhoom 3 and Shudd Desi RomanceWiki Commons

Camera shy Aditya Chopra

Talking about her husband who is camera shy and does not like being photographed, Rani said, "It's not as if he is paranoid about the cameras. He just doesn't want to be photographed. He had told me after our marriage, 'God when I fell in love with you, I didn't stop to think that I was in love with an actress. Now, because of you, people are attaching my pictures to yours as well."

Cursing Aditya Chopra

She had also said that she curses her husband but that comes out of love. "Yes, I do. I curse my husband every day; I abuse my husband every day, but he does such loving things that the cursing comes out with love! So, in my family when we curse, we curse with love. We don't curse with hate. If I curse somebody, that means I really love that person."

Rani's latest film – Mardaani 2 – has been widely appreciated for its strong take on women and the incidents of rape in the country. Rani's performance has been lauded and is also expected to take home some awards this year.