One of the most eligible and dapper Bollywood actor, Randeep Hooda, is all set to be off-the-market soon. Yes, ladies, you read that right. The man who has always made us skip a heartbeat with his rugged and chiselled look might tie-the-knot with girlfriend Lin Laishram this year.

For those who were in the dark, Randeep Hooda has been dating model-turned-actress Lin Laishram since 2016. The couple has often been spotted together. While we were still wondering if this was one of those passing affairs, Hooda might prove us wrong this time. As per reports, Randeep is not only in love with the actress but has also introduced her to his family.

Randeep Hooda, Lin Laishram
Randeep Hooda, Lin LaishramInstagram

Randeep Hooda's girlfriend has worked in films like – Rangoon starring Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra's Mary Kom. Hooda had introduced Lin to his sister Anjali a year earlier. The reports also state that Hooda wants to settle down soon as he knows she is the one for him. So, no points for guessing that the wedding bells will ring this year.

Neetu Chandra, Randeep Hooda split

Neetu Chandra, who was once dating Randeep and the duo called it quits after dating for several years, had said in an interview, "We respect each other now also. We are friends and we have a great equation. Life is too long, you cannot just have fought and not talk to your ex-boyfriend. It's okay, it is life, move on. And we had our own priorities. Like, I had my own priorities. My family really mattered to me and my profession too.

Neetu Chandra - Randeep Hooda
Neetu Chandra - Randeep Hooda

I even lost my dad to cancer. He had his own priorities of seeing his career and going ahead and doing his things. So sometimes, two good people cannot work together because they are looking for the same things and there might be clashes."

Talking about falling in love and being a teenager in the 90s, Hooda told Telegraph, "Though I went to a co-ed boarding school, there was a distance between the two genders. Because of that distance and lack of communication and knowing the workings of the other gender, most people, especially men, wanted just to have sex.

However un-woke it may seem, I was no different. Every boy was hustling to find a room, meet someone or how to get a number. But now that technology has advanced so much, once you have someone's name, it takes 30 seconds to check their profile out. There are WhatsApp and Snapchat, you can send all kinds of pictures in all kinds of dressed-up or undressed situations. And it's not hard to meet people, society as such has opened up, where boys and girls can hang out."