Ramya and Prakash Raj Trolled
Ramya and Prakash Raj.PR Handout

Actress-turned-politician Ramya and multifaceted Prakash Raj have come under attack from social media users for reportedly failing to cast their votes in the Karnataka elections 2018. The single-phase election was held on Saturday, May 12, across the state.

Ramya, who is the head of social media and digital communications of the AICC, was actively asking people to exercise their right. With the actress herself failing to vote, she gave an opportunity for her haters to criticise her. 

TV reports say that she was supposed to cast her vote in Mandya.

Many on Twitter were asking for the reason why she did not take part in the biggest celebration of democracy when she was asking people to cast their votes. "@divyaspandana what kind of a politician you're ? Don't you feel shameful for not voting? Learn responsibility of a citizen of India !! Now onwards you don't have any rights ✋ #KarnatakaElections2018 #KarnatakaVoting #Congress #Karnataka #Ramya [sic]," Twitter user Hareesh wrote.

"These r the fake citizens of India who don't have a simple responsibility of voting & speaks against Modi & want to save democracy, such a shameless ppl@#Ramya & Prakash [sic]," wrote BR Prasanna.

Similarly, actor Prakash Raj, who has become a critic of the BJP and RSS and asked people not to vote for the communal force, failed to cast his vote. However, there is no clarity on whether the actor has voting rights in Karnataka as he works in several states in India.

"@divyaspandana and #prakashRaj have to explain why they did not vote and what stopped them. I guess they don't believe in democracy. They say one thing and do another. Typical two tongued people [sic]," a tweet said.

Many asked the duo whether they have become citizens of Pakistan. Twitterati also reminded them of Siddaganga Seer, who turned up for voting even at the age of 111. People also cited the examples of brides and physically-challenged, who enthusiastically took part in the electoral process.