Ramayan's Sita, Dipika Chikhlia, has been subjected to merciless trolling after she shared picture of herself in school uniform. The veteran actress who is still widely known as "Sita" than her original name, was slammed for such "distasteful" picture. She has now deleted the picture and even apologized for it. She has called it a "mistake".

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What she wore

Dipika Chikhlia shared a picture with some of her friends on social media. In the picture, she was seen wearing a short skirt, a shirt and sneakers. The picture looked like she was posing in a school uniform. She also had a glass in hand which further irked netizens without knowing what was in it.


Why the trolling

Dipika deleted the picture after incessant trolling. "No, else I would have never done it. I never want to hurt my fans. I am feeling bad that I have been trolled. I am feeling bad that I have hurt my fans' sentiments. I am aware that people see me as Sita and not as Dipika," she told TOI. "I am not justifying what I have done. I am clear that it was a mistake on my part. I am not trying to evade my larger-than-life image and explain that main insaan hoon," she further added.

She also added that it wasn't alcohol that she was drinking. She revealed that she is not into alcohol and it was just a get together with old friends.