Ramante Edanthottam, Ramante Edanthottam review
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Malini (Anu Sithara) is married to an unsuccessful film producer Elvis (Joju George), who believes he is a man with an unorthodox mentality, but is just the opposite in reality. During one of their family trips to picturesque Vagamon, they meet Raman (Kunchacko Boban), the owner of Edanthottam. Raman likes Malini, figures out her dreams and the family issues that she face due to the not-so-happy relationship with her husband. How Raman becomes the reason in bringing changes in her life forms the storyline of Ramante Edanthottam.

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Ramante Edanthottam, though the name says the movie is about Raman and his estate, it is actually the story of Malini, who breaks the conventional patriarchal norms by discovering her identity. The movie is narrated through her perspectives, on how she changes, of course with the support of Raman, who influences her life in many ways.


For Anu Sithara, more than words, her eyes have the power to express emotions and it seems to be her identity as an actress. She is definitely the right choice to be Malini, an ideal wife many men dream to have. But she rises like a phoenix after realising that her self esteem is more important than remaining in the ideal wife image. The actress flawlessly shows such changes in her character, which is yet another plus point of her apart from the grace she has while dancing.

Anu Sithara, Ramante Edanthottam
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Coming to other actors, Kunchacko Boban was subtle. Raman doesn't looks like a challenging character for him and he has done complete justice, be it in the appearance as well as performance. His looks at Malini were intense and deep with emotions. However, it is Joju, who shines with his realistic acting as a chauvinistic man, who can be a good father and at the same time, a bad husband. He has got enough space to perform, and Elvis can be called his career-best role.

Sreejith Ravi, Muthumani, the child artiste, who played Elvis and Malini's daughter, also need special mention as there isn't any negative point to figure out on their performances. The one-liners by Ramesh Pisharody as Varmaji and extended cameo appearance of Aju Varghese as Shatrugnan stand out in the otherwise serious storyline of the movie.

Ramante Edanthottam, Kunchacko Boban, Anu Sithara
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Technical aspects

For director Ranjith Sankar, it is important that his movies must deliver some social message, and Ramante Edanthottam is no different, as it has a preachy tone at times, especially when the topics are relationship, saving nature, water and organic farming. However, it has got enough relevance considering the lifestyle of people these days. He has also introduced the Miyawaki method of forestation for us that might become a trend in Kerala soon. The movie also asks us to disconnect from all technology and spend some quality time with the nature to feel fresh.

Ramante Edanthottam, Ramante Edanthottam review
Read Ramante Edanthottam reviewRamante Edanthottam/Facebook

Though the script is not his best, the audience can easily connect to each character due to their notable performances and realistic dialogues. More than the script, what attracts us more to Ramante Edanthottam is the beautiful cinematography by Madhu Neelakandan, who will make us fall in love with the beauty of nature. Just like how Malini felt refreshed being in Edanthottam, each one of us can also feel and experience it and will at least once feel sorry for all the developments we see around us that was made by destroying forests. Also, all the songs by Bijibal are impressive.


Though Ramante Edanthottam was just a two-hour movie, lag was felt at times due to its slow narration. The background music in one scene felt so odd without matching the situation (when Malini is at her dance school wearing earrings and bangles) and there were a few errors with the English subtitles as well. Also, did Joju character name Jayabharathi as Amitabh Bachchan's wife when he was comparing his height with Malini?

Final words

Ramante Edanthottam is not the best Malayalam movie in recent times, nevertheless, it has many good aspects making it worth a watch. The climax might not be accepted by many with patriarchal mindset, who believe that women should always be just their shadow, taking care of their family and be respectful always as an unquestioning wife. But if you have a heart to accept women, their identity and talents, then Ramante Edanthottam will impress you despite its slow-paced narration. However, I personally felt bad for not watching it with my better half as it a movie meant for family.

More than anything, leave everything behind for a few days and get connected to nature!! She has everything to make you happy and refreshed!! Are you greedy about your life or loving it? Think!

IBTimes India Rating: 3