Ram Gopal Varma and P Chidambaram
Ram Gopal Varma and P ChidambaramCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

P Chidambaram's followers trolled Ram Gopal Varma after the filmmaker made a comment on the arrest of the former union finance minister. The netizens said that the move was nothing but the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) vindictive politics.

Chidambaram was arrested in connection with the INX Media case by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) from his Jor Bagh residence in New Delhi on Wednesday. The move comes after the Delhi High Court rejected his anticipatory bail plea. He moved the Supreme Court seeking interim protection and his plea will now be taken up on Thursday.

Ram Gopal Varma, who often talks about current affairs on social media, took to Twitter on Thursday to talk about Chidambaram's arrest. The controversial director opined that the arrest was the real demonstration of democracy and Narendra Modi has proved it again that none is above the law.

Twelve hours after his arrest, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted: "Chidambaram Arrest is a true demonstration of democracy ..What can be a bigger irony, that he's in custody at CBI headquarters which he himself inaugurated when he was Home Minister ..MODI's INDIA is again and again proving that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW."

Many Twitter users responded to Ram Gopal Varma's tweet. They said that the BJP is engaged in vindictive politics and using the ED and CBI to target opposition leaders. The leaders, who are willing to join the BJP, are washed off their sins and made free from legal actions. But if anyone declines to join the party, he is subjected to harassment.

They also said that Chidambaram was not willing to join the BJP. Hence, he had to face arrest. The irony is that his name is not mentioned in the FIR, yet the CBI has taken him into the custody. It is a clear indication of the BJP's vindictive politics, they said. Here are some of the replies to Ram Gopal Varma's tweet.

Adarsh Devaraj @adarshdevaraj

Boss why only those in the 'opposition' are the targets? And those who are willing to move to BJP gets absolved of their sins? Nyay should not be biased, then we can say Modis India has become good! MLAs who was bought over through #operationkamala are buying 10+ crore Rolls Royce car without any fear! Rest of them get plum ministerial berth! Rest offered money for not getting berth! All this seems to be fine with you? Or are you getting paid for this tweet?

Rafiq Hussain @rafiq_nmd

Chidambaram should have joined bjp.. he could have got clean chit

Dravidian Warrior @DravidianWarri1

Absolutely correct with the exception of @narendramodi_in and his party leaders. If anyone wants to escape from the law just join @BJP4India. It has proven again and again

Sreenivasulu @75b45fc5ee58434

Mr RGV do u know what's , those who joined BJP law will not pertain them, like cm ramesh ,Susana choudhury,

కళ్యాన్ రామ్ నిడిగంటి @Jskalyan7

If chidambaram gaaru joined in bjp then he would be above the law like srujana chowdary,cm Ramesh and so on....

imran khan @imran_khan404

Yes, agree with you. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW (except BJP leaders).

Kishore @Krish143Hyd

Not applicable to the People who are in favour of BJP n this applicable to all the parties not only bjp

Aaditya Verma @vaaditya60

Wow hypocrisy. Not named in chargesheet then also "kingpin". CBI officers jumping over walls like monkeys as if he is a threat to national security. He has been accused of an economic offence.

️eing️ptimistic @MaruthiChikka

You are missing another irony, only.. non BJP are not above the Law!!

Vinutha @BujjiVinutha

Then..... why don't ruling government is not arresting tdp leaders joined in BJP..... with some of the cases....