Rakhi Sawant marriage

Social media and the industry has gone berserk ever since Rakhi Sawant announced that she has tied-the-knot at JW Marriot hotel in Mumbai. Rakhi has shared several photos from her wedding since then. Rakhi and husband, Ritesh, had a Christian and a Hindu wedding ceremony at the hotel. The duo also got married in a court ceremony. Let's take a look at some other interesting details about Rakhi's husband.

The Rakhi Sawant's husband's name is Ritesh and he is a UK based NRI.

Ritesh was a fan of Rakhi Sawant and was impressed by her the first time he saw her interview with Prabhu Chawla.

Ritesh had whatsapped her first and slowly they became friends. It took the couple close to a year-and-a-half to fall in love and deciding to tie the knot.

Rakhi Sawant has revealed that husband Ritesh is a very private person and wouldn't like him to be under the media spotlight.

Rakhi has also said that people would get to see her husband when they go for their pre-baby shoot.

Rakhi and Ritesh are planning to have a baby in 2020.

Rakhi and Ritesh met for the first time just 15 days before the wedding.

Without revealing many details, Rakhi has also said that her husband works with Donald Trump's company in the UK.

Rakhi has said that her husband would continue to live in the UK while she will be travelling back-and-forth shuttling between her marital life and work commitments.

Ritesh has asked Rakhi to continue with her work in the industry and loves watching her onscreen.