Rakhi Sawant

It has not even been two months since Rakhi Sawant tied the knot but things are not going too well in her marital abode. Rakhi Sawant's wedding with NRI husband Ritesh seems to have hit a rough patch and her latest Instagram videos have revealed a lot. Rakhi has claimed that her husband has been ignoring her.

Rakhi has shared several videos on her Instagram page where she can be seen crying her heart out and asking her husband not to ignore her. In one video, Rakhi was seen saying, "Jo bologe main karungi, jo bologe main karungi, par mujhe ignore mat karo. Aapko zara sa bhi taras nahi aata hai na mujhpar, main aapse bahut pyaar karti hoon."

In another video, Rakhi can be seen saying, "Ek aurat duniya ka bada se bada dukh jhel sakti hai, lekin tab jab uska pati uske saath ho." With the videos, Rakhi has made it clear that there is trouble brewing in her marriage.

A few days back, Rakhi had shared a video where Deepak Kalal, who grabbed headlines for announcing that he was Rakhi Sawant's boyfriend and that the duo was soon going to get married, was beaten up by Rakhi's sister-in-law and one more person. Soon after Rakhi's wedding, Deepak had threatened to ruin Rakhi's life and had even called her husband Ritesh a 'hijda' (eunuch).

In a video shared recently by Rakhi, a girl was seen entering a café of sorts and slapping Deepak Kalal. She also asks him to apologise to Ritesh and asks him to call Ritesh 'jiju'. A male voice, who is recording the video also punches Deepak and asks him to never repeat it. Deepak, on the other hand, looks terrified and apologises profusely.

On August 5, this year, few pictures of Rakhi Sawant wearing a bridal attire had surfaced online. While Rakhi earlier dismissed wedding news, she later accepted that she had indeed tied the knot and said, "Main darr gayi thi, haan maine shaadi kar li hai." I am confirming the news with you today. His name is Ritesh and he is in the UK. In fact, he has already left.

Rakhi Sawant had claimed that her husband, whom no one has seen yet, would be introduced to the world on Salman Khan's Bigg Boss.