Ranveer Singh, pAdmaavat

The Rajput Karni Sena seems to be surprising Indians with its antics every single day. This time, they are filmy! The Chittorgarh unit of the Rajput Karni Sena announced on Thursday that it would release a film on Sanjay Leela Bhansali's mother, titled Leela ki Leela.

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A report in the Times Of India quoted Govind Singh Khangarot, district president of the Kalvi faction of SRKS in Chittor, as saying: "An auspicious occasion (to begin work) will be chosen within the fortnight and hopefully, it will be completed within the year."

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Addressing a press conference in Chittorgarh, he said the film would be directed by Arvind Vyas and the writing of its script has already started. "In the next 15 days, a muhurat marking the commencement of the film would be performed and it would be released in a year's time."

He also said: "Bhansali has hurt the honour of Maa Padmini, hence we are making the film. However, it will be one of which Bhansali will be proud. If there is freedom to express oneself in the nation and we will too express that right."

Meanwhile, Karni Sena protesters went the Munna Bhai way in Lucknow! They resorted to "Gandhigiri" instead of violence.

According to Times Of India, they gave roses to filmgoers outside cinema halls and requested them to ban Padmaavat and not watch it. The daily quoted an aged man who saw the film in Lucknow as saying: "If I don't watch the film, I would be supporting the Karni Sena and the violent protesters who attacked a school bus carrying children in Gurgaon on Wednesday."

And in Agra, bouncers were hired by a multiplex to make sure there was no violence and the movie was screened peacefully. Around 40 bouncers helped moviegoers in the theatre when the protests by members of the Karni Sena and the Hindu Jagran Manch were going on.

Reportedly, 20 tickets were given to bouncers, who sat with the audience keeping them safe. MP home minister Bhupendra Singh said: "The state hasn't banned screening of the film and the police are alert and monitoring law and order."

Chief secretary Basant Pratap Singh said: "Distributors have been asked to take a decision."

The report said only one movie hall in Bihar screened Padmaavat. But the Kisan cinema hall at Biharsharif, 55km from Patna, had to stop the screening after protesters came to the theatre. It is owned by the BJP's Biharsharif MLA Sunil Kumar.

In parts of Rajasthan, protesters pelted stones at car showrooms, torched vehicles, threatened shopkeepers and blocked roads.