Rajinikanth in Tuticorin to meet the victims of Sterlite victims who were killed recently.Soundarya Rajinikanth's Twitter Account

Rajinikanth's comments on Sterlite issue and his subsequent outburst during a press event have garnered a lot of negative publicity. The actor blamed fringe elements for triggering the violence at the copper plant and even went on to defend the police, something that has not gone down well with a section of people in the state.

About 13 people died and several were left injured after police opened fire at the protesters on May 22. 

The Tamil superstar visited Thoothukudi on Wednesday, May 30, to meet the victims who were injured in the violence. He donated Rs 2 lakh each to the families of people who were killed and Rs 10,000 each for the injured. But an injured Sterlite protester surprised the onlookers when he asked Rajinikanth, "Who are you?"

Rajinikanth replied with a smile, "Naa paa Rajinikanth (I am Rajinikanth)," The youth did not stop there as he retorted with, "Where were you all these 100 days when he held protests?" The onlookers calmed down the boy.

After returning to Chennai, Rajinikanth addressed the media where he said that anti-social elements were responsible for the incident. "The attack on the collector's office and setting on fire (Sterlite) quarters was not done by the common people. Some anti-social elements infiltrated (the protesting locals). It is their handiwork," PTI quoted Rajinikanth as saying.

When the journalists questioned the Kaala actor about how he had obtained that information, he said, "Don't ask me how I said anti-social elements intruded in the protest. I know everything. I will not accept any form of violence against cops. The government should unmask anti-social elements".

The veteran actor added that Tamil Nadu will turn into a graveyard if there is no check on protests in the state.

Rajinikanth's view on anti-social elements being responsible for the police firing has irked people. Several social media users started hashtags to criticise his views and have a called fans to boycott his upcoming film Kaala.

Philip Rajamohan: Rajinihanth has lost my respect from mainstream act to greediness, greediness to power, power and authority to losing his respect. #Tuticorin #Rajinikanth
-from SLK

Kasirajh MG: Tis unprecedented media limelight for all his 1-line pressers, is what every politician envy abt. .But its high time tht #Rajinikanth maintains consistency, if he wish to be d contender to dethrone d current league of seasoned politocos.. @sumanthraman @lakhinathan

Ashok Swain: Someone should tell this idiot superstar #Rajinikanth that protest differentiate between a democracy and a dictatorship. When a country does not allow people to protest, it can't call itself a democracy.

Nonetheless, the fans of Rajinikanth in large numbers came to his rescue. 

Usha Narasimhan: Super star who can't act off screen.Real Hero not reel hero.Everytime he speaks it is from his heart.He reflects comman citizens concern #Rajinikanth

Saiganesh: No politicians condemned the protesting mobs! Even Chief Minister was not clear in his words when he told police were attacked. But #Rajinikanth speaks the truth even if he knows that this narrative doesn't resonate with masses. He wanted to take the truth to masses. Hats off!

Aravind: In the admist of politicians who change their statement if was criticized ..#Rajinikanth never turns back on his comments ... He speaks only truth from his heart .. #RajiniInThoothukudi #RajinikanthTheSaviour

Premnath Arivazhagan: I praise Rajini for openly saying about anti social people like Thirumurugan Gandhi, Seeman, Velmurugan, DMK and DK's involvement in the protest. Kamal and other politicians still scares to say openly. People aware the anti social elemets. wake up media. #Rajinikanth #sterlite

Srivatsa rao: People who wants to see a peaceful & developed TN in all parts of the society will support u thalaiva @rajinikanth & don't get depressed thalaiva cheap politics will not win anyday !! #ISupportRajinikanth #Rajinikanth

PK Siva: Difference between making fun.. what people do with Seeman Vijaykanth etc.. and mocking which they r doing in case of Rajini.. before that people mocked JAYA IN TN MODI IN GUJ MAMTA IN BENGAL KEJRIWAL IN DELHI NEHRU IN PRE INDEPENDANCE #Rajinikanth

SaravanaThangavelu: What Rajini sir told is true. Who fired car public properties, sterlite quarters? U know wat happened in the name of Kaveriprotest.Evry day one political prty cald for banth and they forced the shop owners to cls the shop.Most of them refused to do that @ThanthiTV

Aelenita_sandy: I sure that our thalivar Rajinikanth will speak about this trending issue and he will give perfect slippershot answer to those poralis!