Rajaratha (Rajaratham) movie review
Rajaratha (Rajaratham) movie review.PR Handout

After the blockbuster success of RangiTaranga, Anup Bhandari has collaborated with his brother Nirup Bhandari again for Rajaratha. The movie has been simultaneously made in Telugu as well. The Telugu title of the movie is Rajaratham.

Anup Bhandari has repeated the cast by choosing Avantika Shetty and Nirup Bhandari to play the leads. 

Tamil actor Arya is making his Kannada debut in Rajaratha. He will be seen in a negative role in the flick. While Saikumar played a pivotal character in RangiTaranga, his brother Ravi Shankar will be seen in a key role in the romantic comedy Rajaratha.

The most interesting part of the story is that Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar will be seen in the titular role in the form of a bus which takes the story forward. In the Telugu version, Rana Daggubati of Baahubali fame will play the bus.

While Anup Bhandari himself has composed the song, Ajaneesh Loknath has scored the background music. William David has handled the cinematography.

The movie begins with Abhi and Megha starting their journey in Rajaratha (bus). On their journey, they meet different characters, who help them fall in love. Who are these characters and what role does Arya play form the interesting part of the story.

The success of RangiTaranga has made the audience pin high hopes on Rajaratha. With audio, teaser and good promotions, the bilingual has spiked the interest of the viewers. Will it live up to the viewers' expectations? Find it in their words here:

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

Christopher Kanagaraj:

#Rajaratha - Team 'Rangitaranga' fails to re-create the magic. First half covers the elaborate introduction of all the characters; by d time of interval, we lose our patience. Such a boring tale in d name of comedy. Extended cameo role by Arya. Nirup Bhandari disappoints. Worst!


#Rajaratha is a stunningly good looking film with really nice background score. @anupsbhandari is in supreme form and @nirupbhandari s innocence in the film is very lovable. Many congratulations to the entire team


#Rajaratha Review : Good Cinematography,Screenplay with Average Story,Music ..
@nirupbhandari @arya_offl performance are the saving grace of the film.
@anupsbhandari didn't recreate his Rangitaranga magic with this comedy genre.
One time watch
RATINGS : 2.5⭐

B Abhishek

First half done ...so much happening but basic plot Ento inka reveal avvale..too try hard sometimes but screenplay parvale..comedy lite..director prev film valla soft corner so far #Rajaratham ..jagga jasoos trailer type quirky narration


Anup Bhandari's #Rajaratha is Lively, comedy is fresh, technically wins...the screenplay takes the beating...in the end turns out to be an average film


#Rajaratha 1st half Very different lively narration. Appu voice is soul. Fresh comedy, Technically brilliant making, can't guess what's the story, 3 tracks going on. @anupsbhandari @nirupbhandari @avantikashetty1 @Karthik1423 #RajarathaReview @rajarathafilm


#Rajaratha 1st half,, Very different lively narration. Appu voice is soul. Very good fresh comedy. Avantika shetty is in terrific form. Technically brilliant making, U can't guess what's the story, 3 tracks going on.
@anupsbhandari @nirupbhandari @avantikashetty1 @Karthik1423 


#Rajaratha - Not upto the expectations. Average Stuff. Good only in parts.
A good thought,but not executed well.
Rating - 2.75/5
#Rajaratha Interval. Just okay. Bus episodes are lively. BGM is good. Cinematography is the highlight so far.
Starts off with Power Star @PuneethOfficial voice over.

Pradeep Ala 

‏@anupsbhandari @nirupbhandari @PuneethRajkumar @rajarathafilm
#Rajaratha #Premiershow
Very Good Movie.
Neat screenplay & Direction. Good acting by lead starcast and supporting actors. Excellent cinematography & music.
USP: Puneet Sir's story narration.
Go for it !!

Venkataraman tirumalai 

‏watched #Rajaratha today! Slightly disappointed but @nirupbhandari is the saving grace! Loved his performance! His dance is exemplary! He has come a long way! Climax is very touching! @avantikashetty1 and @arya_offl good performaces!

Vidyasagar Aithal.R

‏Completely dashed my hopes of the movie #Rajaratha . Totally disappointed! @anupsbhandari @nirupbhandari @avantikashetty1


Red Bus Journey from Bengaluru to Mangaluru would be better than this. Poor and disappointing film from Anup Bhandari. Expected really a better film from the team #Rangitaranga.
Thumbs down. Rating 2.5 stars