Rahul Gandhi described the current GST regime as highly complicated that many do not understand it, and many small businesses have been forced to shut down due to it. He promised to change the GST to a simpler system with a minimum tax if Congress comes to power in Delhi.

During his two-day campaign in Karnataka, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticized the central government for neglecting the plight of farmers. He emphasized the need to shift the focus from industrialists to farmers for them to benefit.

rahul gandhi
Rahul Gandhi invokes Basavanna to attack Modi and BJP govt in KarnatakaIANS

Rahul Gandhi stated that big industrialists like Adani and Ambani easily get bank loans, which are also quickly waived off. On the other hand, poor farmers are not given the same treatment. He called for equality, suggesting that if loans of big industrialists can be waived off, then farmers' loans should also be waived off.

Speaking to sugarcane farmers in Benlagavi's Ramdurg area, Rahul Gandhi promised that if Congress comes to power in the state, they will work out better rates for the farmers. He acknowledged that farmers are not given fair rates, and they are affected by inflation, rising gas cylinder and fuel prices.

Congress to hold rallies
Congress to hold rallies demanding probe into the Adani rowIANS

Lastly, Rahul Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Modi for giving the nation's businesses to a few people, resulting in all the money being in their hands. He claimed that only two or three industrialists are favored in India, while the UPA government saw all businessmen as equals.

Rahul Gandhi highlighted the efforts made by Congress to help the poor and farmers, such as MNREGA and waiver of loans during the Manmohan Singh government.